A Captivating Christmas

August 2005

Hello Friends & Family:

Hope everyone is well as summer slowly slips away once again. We wanted to give everyone a heads up on what has been happening in our household this summer. We have Christmas on the brain...

As many of you know, it has been my dream for many, many years to pursue a music career. We have been working with a recording producer here in Sioux Falls for almost a year trying to get a demo of original material completed. We're still continuing with this and hope to have it completed soon. In the meantime, we have made the decision to take a giant leap of faith, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. The result...

What's this? We are VERY excited, busy, nervous, thrilled to be planning a rather substantial Christmas Concert! We have been working with local businesses regarding sponsorships to help defray some of the cost involved in such a massive project. We are also extremely busy holding meetings with community leaders in Brandon, music producers, radio broadcasters and TV executives. We've made some excellent contacts and have been received very well. Our next exciting news... we are in the process of choosing music for my first Christmas CD. It is scheduled to be released in November, and will be available on the website and at the concert. Also, we are currently in discussions with several Sioux Falls businesses regarding hosting a CD Release/Signing, who would also carry the CD in store.

Regarding the concert, we have received commitments from a couple of pianists, as well as a harpist and a cellist, and we are considering adding some more strings and some brass. Shawn Cable (KELO weather) is a very talented tenor and will be making a guest appearance, and we are working out the details with another classical/opera singer from Sioux Falls. While there is SO much work left to be done, we are excited about moving forward.

We wanted to let everyone know and hope that you will also spread the word, as well. :) Word of mouth is going to be our best advertisement and we hope each of you can help us with that! If you get a chance, sign up for the Mailing List (if you haven't already - No, I haven't forgotten those who have), register and post a message on the Forum...we'd love to hear any feedback!

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue with the planning process, and we hope to see you all at the concert!

Damian and Donna Marchand

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