A Captivating Christmas

November 2005

Sunday, December 4th 7:30 PM at the Brandon Valley Performing Arts Center

We hope this newsletter finds everyone in good health. We wanted to provide you with one last update on the concert as December 4th approaches faster than we anticipated!

First, THE BOX OFFICE IS OPEN. For tickets, call 605-582-8235 to reserve your seats. Tickets are $10 and proceeds are being donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. We were fortunate enough to receive some wonderful sponsorship from Dacotah Bank, the Brandon Valley School District and many area businesses, so we are excited to have a great portion of ticket sales go directly to the Red Cross.

Second, if you are a KELOLAND-TV viewer, watch the 9 AM Morning News weekdays to see our very first TV commercial! It will also be airing on the weekends during the 6 AM to 8 AM news.

Also, due to every unforeseen circumstance ever known to man, the CD will now be released very close to the date of the concert. There are a couple of clips from the CD on the website. If you are unable to make it to the concert, CDís are available for purchase online.

If you get a chance, sign up for the Mailing List, register and post a message in the Forum...we'd love to hear any feedback!

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue with the planning process, and we hope to see you all at the concert!

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